Household Product Machinery Exhibition AT PPMA SHOW

Discover the very latest technology in packaging, manufacturing and production for the Household Products Sector at PPMA Show 2024, at the NEC in Birmingham.  

Within all the sectors represented at PPMA Show, household products have an important presence. The Show is a key event for seeing the latest in packaging and branding for cleaning products, including safety priorities and specialist product opportunities. 

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Home is where the heart is – packaging machinery for household products

Household products make up a hugely significant consumer sector. In the UK alone, domestic cleaning products generate £4.5 billion in sales. It's a mature market, and the search for stand-out products continues unabated. 

Consumers today are very conscious of the impact of cleanliness on health, while products which can damage your health very soon get into the public eye. The market has a raised profile through social media posts on cleaning triumphs and disasters – cleanliness is very instagrammable! 

Manufacturers recognise the need for their goods to do the job they're designed for very effectively. Value for money remains a key attribute too. But the winners in the sector also place a lot of emphasis on:

  • the size and storability of their packages 
  • printing, design and branding
  • product safety
  • specialist, premium and even personalised products 

In line with other markets represented at the PPMA  Show, there's also a huge amount of attention being paid to the environmental impact of household cleaning and laundry products. High standards are demanded of the products themselves, and also the way they're packaged. 

To get fully up to speed with current developments in processing and packaging machinery for household products, make sure you visit the PPMA Show.



  • Leaders, managers and staff from businesses manufacturing household products 
  • Sector specialists keen to gain insights and explore innovative approaches  
  • Decision-makers who need the latest news on health, safety and environmental issues
  • Business owners and team members who would benefit from the Show's exceptional networking opportunities    




  • Discuss how the household products market is changing with industry experts
  • Learn about new trends for the home – including the changing role of men in cleaning
  • Explore the importance of convenience and simplicity to contemporary households
  • Find innovation in filters and air washing systems  



  • Production line efficiency
  • Automation
  • Connected packaging – linking packaging to the virtual world
  • Convenience-led dispensers and sachets
  • Recycling and refilling 
  • Solutions to plastic



This year’s show brings experts and exhibitors in your industry together under one roof. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • You'll learn a lot and find inspiring ideas. We have enhanced our new PPMA Seminar. Here you'll find a line-up of thought leaders sharing their knowledge and expertise in a series of break-out sessions.  And opening the show, we have a high-profile industry speaker who will deliver an inspiring, insightful address. 
  • You'll meet over 350 exhibitors and see 1,500 brands. You'll be able to explore and buy machinery to help you develop your business.  Live, real-time demonstrations of the latest production and manufacturing technology will enable decision-makers fully to assess the features and benefits of a range of machinery. 
  • You'll engage and connect with industry peers, potential suppliers and future customers.  There will be plenty of opportunities to network, so remember to look out for the dedicated meeting spaces located in and around the exhibition space.