Our Exhibitors

  • Stuart Welch, OEM & Ireland Sales Manager, Flexlink Systems
    Fantastic show, great to meet old customers, new customers and of course existing customers.
    Stuart Welch OEM & Ireland Sales Manager Flexlink Systems
  • Michael Woods, Sales & Marketing Director, Keymac Packaging Systems
    PPMA Show is always well organised and attended.
    Michael Woods Sales & Marketing Director Keymac Packaging Systems
  • Miguel Mari Matuté, Development Engineer, Rotech Machines
    It’s been great this year, really busy, and the quality of the leads were through the roof, one after another.
    Miguel Mari Matuté Development Engineer Rotech Machines
  • Brian Bannister, Managing Director, Lafert Electric Motors
    Another fantastic show with a record number of leads, brilliant organisation and a pleasure to be involved with.
    Brian Bannister Managing Director Lafert Electric Motors
  • Gareth Williams, UK Sales Manager (South), Atwell Labellers
    Lots of good leads and opportunities to network with OEM's and competitors.
    Gareth Williams UK Sales Manager (South) Atwell Labellers
  • Vince Larson, Sales Manager - Schur Star
    It’s been a good show – the only show in the UK where you can see and buy machinery. This year has been particularly good and the layout has been great
    Vince Larson Sales Manager Schur Star
  • Roy Fowler, Director, UPM Conveyors
    We found the show to be our best exhibition ever during our 45 years of manufacturing in the UK supplying product handling solutions, as we were actually taking orders on our stand during the first few hours of the show opening due to our live demonstrations.
    Roy Fowler Director UPM Conveyors
  • Victoria Grant, Bi-Lingual Sales Administrator, Swanstone Ltd
    We were very impressed with the quality and flow of visitors on all three days! Previously, at other shows, we would have one good day but attending the PPMA this year has delivered what we had hoped for and more. Time will tell how the leads will materialise but we came away happy and look forward to converting most of the leads taken.
    Victoria Grant Bi-Lingual Sales Administrator Swanstone Ltd
  • Jodie Curry, Commercial Manager, Fortress Technology
    We are delighted to report that we have secured sales with several new customers, as a direct result of our presence at the PPMA show. Orders were received within days of meeting these new customers on our stand, and they have subsequently purchased systems from our new, award-winning Raptor Range.
    Jodie Curry Commercial Manager Fortress Technology
  • Stuart Coulton, Marketing Manager UK & Ireland, Omron
    It’s an absolutely fantastic opportunity to engage with the most important market sector in the UK
    Stuart Coulton Marketing Manager UK & Ireland Omron
  • Phil Brown, Managing Director, Fortress Technology Europe Ltd
    It is a place where we really have to be.
    Phil Brown Managing Director Fortress Technology Europe Ltd
  • Nicholas Cesare, Technical Sales Director, Pace Mechanical Handling Ltd
    The calibre of customer that comes to the PPMA (Total) Show is second-to-none
    Nicholas Cesare Technical Sales Director Pace Mechanical Handling Ltd
  • Tony Hunt, Managing Director, Cobalt Systems
    Good opportunity to showcase your equipment and meet people... We always generate new leads and new customers, every time we attend.
    Tony Hunt Managing Director Cobalt Systems
  • Roy Green, Managing Director, Harford Control
    It is really the only exhibition in the UK that is worth coming to.
    Roy Green Managing Director Harford Control
  • Paul Webster, National Sales Manager, Yamato Scale Dataweigh
    It is a one-stop shop for our customers. Every solution in the world is here.
    Paul Webster National Sales Manager Yamato Scale Dataweigh

Our Visitors

  • Mike Weaver, Engineering Lead, Unilever
    I would definitely come again. We saw some suppliers that we don’t get to see face to face, so perfect. If you only talk to your suppliers by email, come here. See them face to face.
    Mike Weaver Engineering Lead Unilever
  • Aaron Moore, Asset Maintenance Manager, Nestlé UK
    Fantastic day here at the PPMA Show, lots of suppliers that we work with. Some really innovative solutions, and a lot of relatable things for us, so we are taking lots of lessons home.
    Aaron Moore Asset Maintenance Manger Nestlé UK
  • David Elmes, International Sales Manager, Metrol Springs Ltd
    Such a fantastic variety of machines with engaging exhibitors.
    David Elmes International Sales Manager Metrol Springs Ltd
  • Josh Mann, Production Manager, NMC
    Enjoyable, informative and to the point. An excellent display of products and process development ideas that will change the market!
    Josh Mann Production Manager NMC
  • Barry Dunner, Project Manager, Unilever
    There is a good, wide range of products on show. We came to the show looking for automation partners, which is where our company is headed. We’ve visited the show a number of times and it always delivers good networking opportunities.
    Barry Dunner Project Manager Unilever
  • Brian Baker, Packaging Innovation Manager, Nestlé UK
    I attend to gain an insight into the latest innovations. The exhibition is great and there is so much variety on show.
    Brian Baker Packaging Innovation Manager Nestlé UK
  • Rory Pear, Managing Director, DSL
    The show is fantastic. A lot of people have said very positive things and there is a good number of active exhibitors and machinery in action. Exhibitors have clearly gone to a lot of effort.
    Rory Pear Managing Director DSL
  • Mark Chandler, Production Manager, Warner Edwards
    We’ve found the perfect supplier and a good range of suppliers with three or more different players. We’ve had lots of great conversations and feedback.
    Mark Chandler Production Manager Warner Edwards
  • Allan Hayles, Packaging Systems Manager, HPS
    It’s been good to meet potential new partners. You build a network of like-minded colleagues within the industry, for synergising – for networking. It’s also great to see what’s new on the market. It keeps you sharp, competitive and up to date, particularly with best practice, which is very important.
    Allan Hayles Packaging Systems Manager HPS
  • Duncan Lowe, Facility Risk Manager Europe, PepsiCo
    It was great to see such an eclectic mix of manufacturing and engineering companies at the show, showcasing the diversity of the industry.
    Duncan Lowe Facility Risk Manager Europe PepsiCo
  • Martin Howard, Technical Manager, Middlewich Food Trays
    It's the only way to see what you are not looking for. An internet search only gives what you think you want, not new ideas you don't know about.
    Martin Howard Technical Manager Middlewich Food Trays
  • Matthew Rothon, Director, Unbar Rothon
    When designing new product lines it can take time speaking to multiple suppliers. The show allowed us to speak to everyone under one roof, saving us weeks of planning.
    Matthew Rothon Director Unbar Rothon
  • Craig Burgess, Managing Director, Lechler
    Another well organised show, the quality of people attending has been excellent. Visitors really know what they want and this has led to some very interesting conversations.
    Craig Burgess Managing Director Lechler
  • Nicole Carr, Project Manager, Pepsico
    It is good to see what other technologies are out in the market and what opportunities you can explore.
    Nicole Carr Project Manager Pepsico
  • Tim Conder, Managing Director, Bells of Lazonby
    Anything you’re looking for in processing and packaging, you’ll find it here.
    Tim Conder Managing Director Bells of Lazonby