Confectionary packaging and machinery is a major feature ar the PPMA Show. In fact, it is a major event for a huge number of industries including confectionery packaging and machinery.

Discover the latest developments in confectionery packaging and processing at PPMA Show at the NEC Birmingham from 24 to 26 September 2024. Be sure to save the date now!

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Confectionery Packaging for the Future

Changes to government rules concerning candy and sweet treats, evolving consumer tastes and a competitive market create new challenges for businesses. To start with raw materials are increasing in price, pushing up everyone's costs. And the race to create eye-catching and engaging confectionery packaging create further problems for confectionery manufacturers to contend with.

In such a competitive and changing environment, manufacturers of confectionery must double down on embracing technological innovation in processing and packaging. Solve your business challenges and find future ideas as you immerse yourself in a wealth of fascinating technologies and strategies.

Meet over 400 exhibitors and fellow professionals from the confectionery industry and beyond. Adding to this, at PPMA Show you will be treated to live demonstrations of cutting edge candy packaging and processing machinery. 


See live demonstrations of state-of-the-art confectionery machinery.


Confectionery Machinery

From confectionery cooking machinery to labelling, wrapping and sealing, at PPMA Show 2024, you will discover confectionery machinery for every stage of the manufacturing process. We have hundreds of exhibitors presenting these kinds of machinery at the show, so you can learn exactly what you will need in order to take your confectionery business to the next level.

What is Confection Packaging Machinery?

Confection packaging machinery is specialised equipment used in the food and beverage industry to package a variety of consumable items, including candy, chocolates, and baked goods. This type of machinery enables the supply of high end product to consumers while ensuring their presevation and safety.

The use of such equipment helps improve safety for both employees and consumers by providing consistent quality control and adherence to strict food safety regulations. Additionally, confection packaging machines can help automate processes and streamline production runs, leading to faster distribution cycles from production line to end user. As such, this type of machinery is an invaluable asset in the industry, playing a crucial role in delivering healthy products in an efficient manner.

Different types of confectionary packaging and processing machinery at the PPMA Show:


A confectionary packaging labelling machine can offer a comprehensive solution for streamlining the labelling of packaged goods. These machines provide a wide range of features including intuitive control systems with adjustable speeds to achieve optimal label placement. Additionally, advanced detection functions to ensure labels are perfectly aligned even when packaging bags vary in size or shape.


Candy wrapping machines provide high speed, efficiency, and reliability throughout the packaging process, saving precious time and resources. With advanced automation technology, they can quickly complete a variety of tasks like wrapping candies with paper materials such as foil or film paper.

Case Sealing & Packing

Accurately sealing and packing confections like candy, pastries and other food products is an absolute necessity for preserving quality and preventing contamination. With a confectionary sealing and packing machine, manufacturing processes can experience increased efficiency while guaranteeing reliable seals. Investing in a confectionary sealing and packing machine is the perfect way to secure the safety of your food product offerings while ensuring maximum accuracy.

Sleeve Wrapping

A sleeve wrapping machine is a specialized piece of packaging equipment used to effectively and efficiently secure products with stretchable plastic film or wrappings. It can automate the wrapping process, helping you to save time and money while optimizing quality control standards. A sleeve wrapper provides an extra uniform layer of protection around goods, ensuring they reach the customer in perfect condition. With adjustable wrapping speed and height, this robust piece of technology allows businesses to customize their operating procedures depending on the specific product type.




  • Confectionery sector decision-makers ready to examine and source the latest processing, packaging and manufacturing machinery
  • Business owners looking for insight into efficiency, cost savings and productivity transformation
  • Industry experts eager to explore environmentally-aware production and confectionery packaging solutions
  • Those in business development looking to forge new business relationships



  • Access key players in the confectionery sector market
  • The latest weighing, bagging and palletising techniques to boost efficiency and reduce production time
  • Key industry trends and the latest production-related thinking within the Confectionery sector



What is Confectionary Packaging?

Confectionary packaging is an important element in the confectionery industry. Packaging is needed to store and distribute products while giving them an attractive appeal that can draw consumer attention. It also needs to be functional and designed with convenience, durability, and cost-effectiveness in mind. Different materials are used for confectionary packagings such as paperboard boxes or plastic cases, depending on the product or brand specifications.

Beyond creating a safe environment for the product, reliable confectionery packaging also helps food manufacturers extend their shelf life. Plus protect against contamination and transportation damage, reduce operational costs, and promote the brand’s visibility. When done correctly, creating innovative and eye-catching packaging for confectionaries can make all the difference in standing out from competing brands.

Types of Confectionary Packaging at the PPMA Show:

Confectionery packaging comes in several varieties, here are some popular options:

Pillowpacks are quite popular, as they allow sweets to be shared easily and quickly.

Boxes provide a way of giving personalized gifts or special treats to individuals, especially items like chocolate, small candies and biscuits.

Cello bags are versatile and often colourful when printed with fun designs or logos.

Tubs provide an excellent solution for storing multiple items together securely that is both safe and cost-effective for manufacturers and retailers alike.

Flexible packaging is often found today with nuts, snacks and other treats, while single-serve packets are popular among brands catering to young children.

Jars are gaining attention as an ideal choice for products such as marshmallows and fudge due to the look of freshness they offer.

As such, it's no surprise that all types of confectionery packaging can be found in today's market - each providing their own advantages. Keeping up with consumer trends and providing quality packages is essential for top confectionery brands. Be sure to attend leading candy trade shows such as the PPMA Show.



Confectionery packaging is high on the environmental agenda for businesses.  At the show, you’ll meet experts in their field who can demonstrate and discuss with you the latest technology-driven solutions to this ever-present challenge.


  • Labelling
  • Wrapping
  • Case Sealing and Packing
  • Sleeve Wrapping
  • Branding Solutions

2023’s Processing and Packaging Machinery Trade Show offers everything you need to know about innovations in the confectionery sector. 



PPMA Show 2024 brings experts and exhibitors in your industry together under one roof. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Learn and discover inspiring ideas. 

We’ve enhanced our new PPMA Seminar. Here you'll find a line-up of thought leaders sharing their knowledge and expertise in a series of break-out sessions.  And opening the show, we've a high-profile industry speaker who will deliver an inspiring, insightful address. 

Meet over 350 exhibitors

See and purchase machinery to help you develop your business. 

Live, real-time demonstrations 

See the latest production and manufacturing technology in action. Fully assess the features and benefits of a range of machinery. 

Engage and connect with industry peers

Meet potential suppliers and future customers. There will be plenty of opportunities to network, so remember to look out for the dedicated meeting spaces located in and around the exhibition space.