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Sustainable Packaging Expo

Sustainable packaging and energy-efficient packaging machinery are in higher demand than ever. Reducing waste and resources is a big priority for consumers and industry is now stepping up to the plate, promising to deliver more eco-friendly packaging solutions.

To meet the changing marketplace, sustainable packaging machinery is being developed in earnest. PPMA Show is the place to experience these latest developments at our sustainable packaging expo, at which we showcase the latest in processing and packaging from around the globe.

Sustainable Packaging Machinery at PPMA Show 2021

We tend to think of sustainable packaging as referring to the use of materials, i.e. biodegradable packaging, but packaging can be sustainable in other ways, such as flexible packaging designs that use less material and therefore create less waste. The elimination of the use of toxic substances is another key aspect of sustainable packaging development.

All these strategies and more are on display at PPMA Show.

The Sustainable Packaging Expo of the Year

Covering not only sustainable packaging machinery and materials, at PPMA Show 2021 you can also expect to hear from logistics and packaging designers from across the industry. 

Flexible packaging solutions have positive implications across logistics, enabling more items to be transported in one load, saving money and reducing vehicular carbon footprint. There are also new types of logistics transportation, including electric vehicles for instance, which are - of course - key to creating a more sustainable packaging industry.


Sustainable Packaging for the ‘Blue Planet’ Era

Since the airing of Blue Planet II in 2017, awareness of the impact of waste packaging on the environment has skyrocketed. Producers and consumers are driven to reduce environmental impact, and interest in sustainable packaging has become a central aspect of the so-called ‘Blue Planet’ effect.

A 2018 study conducted by global data analytics firm, Nielson, notes:

“81% of global respondents feel strongly that companies should help improve the environment. This passion for corporate social responsibility is shared across gender lines and generations. Millennials, Generation X and Generation Z are the most supportive, but their older counterparts aren’t far behind.”

Leading the charge in implementing sustainable packaging is the food and drinks industry, with the beauty products industry close behind. The UK government has pledged to put measures in place to reduce the use of plastic packaging, with fast food giant, McDonalds, recently announcing plans to make all its packaging renewable by 2025. 

Recognising that packaging accounts for over 40% of the world’s total plastic use, a massive overhaul in the packaging industry is firmly underway. It is clear that those companies which lead the way in this area will be those who benefit the most.

If you are planning to cement your place at the crest of the sustainable packaging wave, the 2021 PPMA Show is an important packaging expo to put in your calendar. The 2021 event takes place from 28th September to 30th September 2021 at the NEC, Birmingham.