From food products to pills, cosmetics to electronics, form fill seal machinery is one of the most widely used packaging machinery types. Many modern form fill seal (FFS) systems are highly sophisticated, incorporating digital computer interfaces and control networks, and offer outstanding speed and versatility. They can be used with a wide variety of materials and across multiple product types, making them an indispensable choice for manufacturers across a range of industries.

How do form fill seal machines work?

With form fill seal machines, packaging material is fed off a roll and shaped. The bags or packs are then filled, sealed and separated. 

What are the types of form fill seal machines?

The machines come in a range of types, mainly either horizontal or vertical in nature, with type used depending on the product it is to be used with. 

Bags and pillow packs are created using flow wrappers, lower reel flow wrappers, vertical form fill seal, stickpack and mandrel form fill seal.

Pots, trays and blister packs are typically made using cold form fill seal, thermoform fill seal or blister form fill seal machines.

Sacks and bags are made with a tubular pack form fill seal or vertical form fill seal machine.

Sachets and envelopes use an edge seal, horizontal form fill seal, or vertical sachet form fill seal machine.

Cartons are made using a vertical carton board form fill seal machine.

Bottles and vials are created using a blow fill seal machine.


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New developments in form fill seal machinery

BW Flexible Systems

BW Flexible Systems’ Sandiacre group has launched a new continuous motion vertical form fill seal machine. The Verus CM employs the best features of BW Flexible Systems’ Hayssen, Simionato, and Sandiacre brands, innovating on previous models and pushing forward new technological developments in the form fill seal machinery category.

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The Verus CM features a frame built to provide quick, easy access to vital components. This makes the machine easy to clean and maintain, meeting modern hygiene requirements. Operators will also benefit from faster changeovers between different packaging formats, SKUs (stock keeping units) and materials. The Verus CM also employs a new intuitive HMI (human-machine interface) with features to assist in training, troubleshooting and performance management.

PFM Group

PFM’s new high speed form fill seal technology, the Solaris Evo, offers a smart two-way film transport system that enables standard pillow bags, steelo-bags, block bottom bags and doy-style bags to be produced without the need to rotate the reciprocating sealing unit. 

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Along with the Solaris Evo, PFM Group has also recently launched their R700 series of flexible vertical form fill seal machinery, which can process a range of different bag styles. The series features automatic film reel setup, eliminating time-consuming and cumbersome tasks for operators. In further new launches, PFM Group also boasts two horizontal flow wrappers: the Scirocco Combi Zip and the Levante.

For more information on BW Flexible Systems’ and PFM Group’s form fill seal machinery, check out pages 47 and 49 of our March/April 2020 edition of Machinery Update magazine.


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