Conveyors play a crucial role in the packaging and processing industry. Whatever you need for moving ingredients, products, containers, packs or packaging components of all shapes and sizes from one place to another, there is a conveyor system to do the job.


What are the types of conveyor?

From a simple conveyor belt to complex machines which sort, order or distribute products and materials, engineering experts have evolved a huge range of types of conveyor.

They fall into four categories: 

  • For bulk products (e.g. for powders)

Types of conveyor include: buckets, roller chain, belt, vacuum pipes, metal screw 

  • For bulk products and small unit loads

Types of conveyor include: belt conveyors, belt bend, flighted belt, wire/plastic mesh 

  • For small unit loads only (e.g. bottles or cartons)

Types of conveyor include slat band, air conveyor, roller conveyor, magnetic conveyor, spiral conveyor

  • For large unit loads (e.g. pallets, crates, kegs and drums)

Types of conveyor include: slat bands, roller chains, driven rollers, pallet stackers, pallet turntables 

How do conveyors work?

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Off-the-shelf or customer-built conveyor solutions? 

Specifying and installing the right conveyor systems delivers an increase in efficiency and productivity, so understanding your options is vital to making the right buying decisions. 

The key priority is having the appropriate machinery for the materials you are handling. 

In some cases, you may find an off-the-shelf solution, but a custom-built conveyor is most likely to deliver exactly what is best for your requirements. You may need a complete system, modules, or components. Your requirements may be for part of a processing or packaging solution, or for use in warehousing and storage.

You will also need to make a decision on a semi-automatic or fully automatic, low manpower solution. You will probably have a choice of a low or zero maintenance solution (for example, belt tightening) which will maximise operating time, and minimise non-productive costs. Ease of cleaning is a further factor to take into consideration.


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Key exhibitors with expertise on conveyors at PPMA Total Show 2019 include:

UPM Conveyors – Manufacturing High Quality Conveyor Systems in the UK 

Advance Automated Systems – Complete Conveying Solutions

Interroll – Conveyor Solutions for Unit Load Handling and Internal Logistics

Spiroflow – Mechanical Conveyors for Fully Integrated Systems

Shuttleworth Europe NV – Complete Handling and Conveying Solutions 

Mariani – Conveyors in Secondary Packaging and Palletising Solutions

Newsmith – Conveyors for the Bakery Industry

CSL – Turnkey Conveyor and Warehousing Solutions

Ambaflex – Customised Handling Systems for Spiral Conveyors

Cox & Plant – Design and Manufacture of Vibratory Conveyor Systems