Packaging is particularly important in the bakery sector. Conserving the freshness of a range of products, often straight from the oven, combined with attractive presentation to entice consumers is required to provide optimum merchandising opportunities to meet the demands of a fast-moving industry driven by early morning starts and long days.

With an ever-changing market, knowledge of industry trends and bakery sector drivers is key. Developments in speed-boosting technology will help to turn around production faster and more effectively and complying with safety and hygiene regulations is a must to provide protection both for the end consumer and employees operating bakery packaging equipment. Added to that, the latest environmentally-friendly solutions satisfy a new awareness and demand from our customers to preserve the world around us.


Bread slicer machines are indeed the best thing for sliced bread! With a vast range of loaves of all shapes and sizes created in today’s bakeries, bread slicers need to be adaptable too, producing uniform slices at high speed to prepare for wrapping.

Apart from top performance and a high degree of accuracy, bakery professionals look for compliance to the latest safety standards, simplicity of use and easy cleaning and maintenance. Bread slicer blades of top-quality steel, which require no lubrication and can be sharpened to perfection are important, as well as reliability, low noise level and optimum ergonomics to enhance efficiency of operation.

Bakery packaging equipment and sealing machines

Recent technology can solve the challenges of baked product shelf-life, making bakery packaging equipment fit for purpose - whether your goods are dry products like crackers, wafers and biscuits, or breads, doughnuts and muffins which need to remain soft and moist.

Dry goods are friable and vulnerable to damp so need robust yet light packaging for physical protection which also serves to prevent any possibility of the ingress of moisture. And there’s nothing worse than struggling to unwrap a packet of biscuits only to find they’re all broken, so convenient opening methods as well as appealing package appearance are important to retain customers for bakeries.

Soft products are easily squashable and susceptible to flavour-loss. Their packaging must protect against drying out and damage yet still be attractive, and of course inexpensive.

If you’re interested in reviewing the latest technology in flow wrapping, bagging, case packaging, seals and tray sealing machines, then the PPMA Show is exactly the event for you – the largest in the processing and packaging sector calendar.

PPMA group industry award nominee

French family-owned company iXAPACK Global exhibited at the PPMA Show 2018 and were nominated to win an award for their innovative packaging machinery. In the bakery sector, they have created machines for the precision handling of products for the bakery market – flow pack bagging, x-fold wrapping, cartons, case picking and palletization. They are always mindful of the fragility of bakery products and their processes allow manipulation without breakage.

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At our next PPMA Total Show 2019, at the NEC, Birmingham UK, you’ll be able to catch up with exhibitors from all over the world showcasing their bakery processing and packaging equipment and take the opportunity to be an exhibitor yourself.