Cosmetics are any products which are applied to the body to improve health or appearance. The cosmetics industry has expanded exponentially over the years and now encompasses a huge range of products, all of which come with their own packaging and storage requirements.

Products can range from lipsticks, eyeshadow, and nail varnish, to facial creams, lotions and shampoos and conditioners. Generally, products can be divided into the following categories when it comes to cosmetic packaging.

  • Cosmetics: foundation creams, makeup remover, nail varnish, nail varnish remover
  • Toiletries: liquid soaps, shower gel, bath foam, deodorants, toothpastes
  • Fragrances: perfumes, Eau de Toilette, body spray, essential oils
  • Beauty products: face creams, hand & body lotions, nail varnishes and removers, depilatory wax, face masks, massage oils
  • Hair care: shampoos, conditioners, hair gels & waxes, styling products, dyes

All of which require a specific packaging process, which fits the needs of the manufacturer and ensures a reliable and economical means of delivery to the consumer in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The demands on cosmetic packaging machines

More than any other industry, cosmetic packaging machinery needs to be able to meet a great variety of needs. Whether it’s jars and bottles, or tubes and sachets, containing everything from creams and polishes to hot and cold fills, the cosmetics industry places high demands, that the packing industry has to meet with high quality solutions - solutions that look good as well as function well.

Cosmetic filling machines come in a variety of models to suit all production needs, including manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic. Depending on the type of liquid you are using, there are also different types of filling machines. While oils, fragrances and other free-flowing liquids are packaged with vacuum-level or gravity-level filling machines, creams, gels and lotions require volumetric filling machines.

Types of packaging machines for cosmetic products

Piston filler machines

This is the most common type of filler machines used in cosmetics packaging. Depending on the consistency of your product, you will either require a check valve machine for thinner liquids and low-viscosity gels, or a rotary valve machine for thicker pastes and products containing particles.

  • Check valve piston filling machines

Ideally suited to free-flowing liquids, check valve machines are very simple to use since they can self prime and draw the product directly from the supply drum or other container without requiring additional pumping.

  • Rotary valve piston filling machines

More suited to thick viscous liquids, creams and particulate liquids, the rotary flips between the hopper and cylinder when drawing or discharging liquid into the receptacles.  

Inline pressure filling machines

Ideal for bottle filling when the consistency level will be on high-profile view, such as in-store displays. Inline pressure fillers are a great solution for thinner products ranging from liquids to lotions. Depending on production needs, pressure filling machines are available in both automatic and semi-automatic.

One of the most popular types of filling machine, inline pressure fillers are able to fill liquids to an exact height every time, making them an ideal choice for ensuring consumer satisfaction and consistency.

Tube filling machines

With so many cosmetic products being sold in tubes nowadays, it’s hardly surprising that tube filling machines are in such high demand. Working in a similar way to piston fillers, tube filling machines work in conjunction with other packaging machines which seal and trim the tube ready for processing.

Cosmetic packaging machines at the PPMA TOTAL Show 2019

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