BOC, a member of the Linde Group, is a company that prides itself in its commitment to customer service and is dedicated to helping its customers create added value and greater profitability by developing technologies with a competitive edge. 

This same passion for creating new opportunities, sharing ideas and solutions and encouraging business improvement is also what lies at the heart of the PPMA’s vision for the PPMA Show - as a platform for innovation, education, networking and business development.  This is what continues to attract a top-class line-up of exhibitors from the processing equipment and packaging machinery sector year after year, and a highly motivated, curious and enthusiastic visitor-base to the Show, determined to seek out the latest business-enhancing solutions.

There is little wonder therefore that BOC will be returning to the PPMA Show 2018 to showcase its latest freezing, chilling and packaging. They want visitors to see their latest solutions and be able to explore just how and why these solutions can deliver positive business benefits. 

BOC’s Cedric Hanson explains, “We know from the experience of running our Food Technology Centre how important it is for customers to see our new technologies face-to-face, to understand how they work and how easily the processes can be applied.  That’s why the PPMA show is so ideal."

Reflecting on BOC’s decision to exhibit at the PPMA Show this year, Hanson says, “We have the space to exhibit before a wide, yet perfectly targeted, cross-sector audience.  It’s also a highly effective way of demonstrating the benefits BOC can bring to a large number of potential customers in just three days.”

The PPMA show also encourages a more personal approach whereby manufacturers and customers can really engage in discussion enabling them to explore potential solutions and partnerships.  Cedric Hanson continues, “Our customers can see what we do and then drill down with the questions pertinent to their particular business.  Such conversations are vital for us because they can also spark new thinking within BOC in our quest to find the best solutions for our customers.  The PPMA Show really is a win-win.”

BOC has been working towards developing technologies that meet the increasing challenges facing the highly competitive food and beverage industries – the demands for speed, flexibility, consistency and excellent product quality.  These demands place a strain on traditional processes, such as batch freezing using mechanical freezers, which can create bottlenecks in the production line, particularly for expanding companies.

Through constant innovation and refinement, BOC has instead developed the use of cryogenic gases, such as liquid nitrogen and liquid carbon dioxide, to provide quicker and more flexible chilling and freezing processes.  Similarly, food producers are always looking for ways to increase shelf life of chilled foods while maintaining quality, to open new markets and simplify distribution. 

Through extensive research, BOC has refined Modified Atmosphere Packaging to provide the right mix of atmospheric gases for each product to give optimum quality.

“We have some great stories to tell our potential customers and the PPMA Show is just the place and environment to do it,” comments Hanson.

In addition to showcasing key products from its range, the BOC team will also be giving visitors a glimpse of things to come in 2019.