An Industry First – ILAPAK uses the PPMA Show as launchpad for latest flow wrapping solution

ILAPAK is no stranger to the PPMA Show. Indeed this is a partnership that has seen ILAPAK, a world-leading manufacturer of form, fill and seal packaging machinery become a regular exhibitor, with its presence at the show spanning some 22 years.

At the PPMA Show 2018 ILAPAK launched its latest flow wrapping system, giving show visitors an industry first with the unveiling of its Delta 6000 3-Side Seal C – a solution capable of producing pillow bags and three side seal reclosable bags all on the same machine.

So why does ILAPAK keep returning to the PPMA Show year after year?  Tony McDonald, Sales and Marketing Director explains.  “At ILAPAK, we serve a worldwide audience and our sector base is so vast.  Therefore the PPMA Show has become an important event for us thanks to the diverse range of UK and overseas manufacturers that it attracts.” 

As well as enabling ILAPAK to meet up with its wide and varied customer base, they are also keen to point out the benefits of the show’s sense of community.  This is an event where machinery manufacturers from all areas of the processing and packaging industry come together to present their latest offerings and create a buzz of knowledge, expertise and technical excellence, all in one place.   “The PPMA Show really brings the manufacturing industry together enabling exhibitors and visitors alike to network and explore new technologies that can increase production efficiency across a wide range of sectors.”

Over the two decades that ILAPAK has been exhibiting at the PPMA Show, the team has witnessed significant change in the technology available and on show, with simple, functional machines making way for highly sophisticated ‘intelligent’ turnkey solutions.  This evolution of technology has also been mirrored by the demands of the visitors to the show, who are now looking for ever more advanced and complete end-to-end solutions.  Tony McDonald continues, “Since our first PPMA Show in the 1990s, when machines were simple in their design, visitors have had to become more aware of the way a machine communicates in order to get the best out of the technology.   Visitors are no longer after standalone equipment as was the case in the early days.  They are now searching for full line solutions that can communicate with other equipment up and downstream.”  This is when the PPMA Show comes into its own, as it offers visitors a unique experience to see the whole spectrum of machinery and solutions as well as talk to some of the most experienced industry experts that can assist with any processing and packaging requirement.

For Tony, the PPMA Show is also a great opportunity to promote the company as a whole and ensure that the ILAPAK brand remains at the forefront of the industry.  “It would be naïve of us to think that everyone has heard of ILAPAK.  Therefore, the show allows us to showcase our brand, and educate the market on our cutting edge technologies.”

Tony and the ILAPAK team are already gearing up to attend the next PPMA show. “As well as meeting old acquaintances, we are also hoping to make some new connections with those looking to discover the latest flow wrapping techniques and in particular pack-houses looking to switch to new recyclable films.”