The PPMA Show and Endoline celebrate three decades of industry success.

Time stands still for no one, and when the PPMA Show opens its doors this autumn, it will be the 31st show. As these three decades have passed, the industry has changed, technology has evolved and processing and packaging machinery has advanced significantly to meet new demands. And with this evolution, the show has also moved forward to ensure it remains relevant for the needs of its exhibitor and its visitors today.

As the PPMA Show heralds 31 successful years, Endoline’s flagship random sealer will also be celebrating nearly 30 years of being at the forefront of the industry’s processing and packaging needs. The end-of-line packaging machinery manufacturer first introduced its 704 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer back in the 1990s, and has chosen the exhibition this year to unveil its fully re-engineered solution to the market.

How both the PPMA Show and Endoline’s 704 random sealer have stood the test of time is down to the way in which both organisations have listened to their customers, monitored the changing needs of the industry and ultimately, how they have reacted and developed to stay relevant. For Endoline, that means delivering on manufacturers’ ultimate goal to automate their end-of-line production facilities.

“Every year we listen to our customers and aim to develop new, innovative machinery or technology which will meet their needs,” says Andrew Yates, Endoline’s Sales Director. “Our links with the PPMA Group of Associations stretch back for many years and this year, we have chosen the PPMA Show 2018 to introduce our completely re-engineered 704 Fully Automatic Random Case Sealer.”

Andrew Yates continues, “At Endoline, we design and manufacture all of our packaging systems from our head office in the UK, and we are very proud of this fact. While exporting is now a large part of our business, the UK is still our biggest market. Therefore it is important to us that we have a presence at the PPMA show every year as it is the country’s biggest packaging show.”

Not only does the event provide an idea platform to showcase its latest technologies, Endoline also values the added benefits from attending the show. “It’s a great opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate our new systems, while meeting both prospective and existing customers. The event also enables visiting engineers to get ‘hands on’ with the equipment and see the quality of our machinery for themselves.”

Andrew himself has also witnessed a number of changes to the show during its long history, and remains a firm supporter of exhibiting at the three-day event. “While the exhibition itself has reduced in floor space over the years, the quality of visitors has increased. The internet may facilitate better communication and has allowed people to keep up to date with developments, but there is no substitute for seeing working machinery. What’s more, those with genuine buying power come to the show.”