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BW Container Systems is a systems solutions provider specializing in robotics, buffering/accumulation, advanced conveyance technology, palletizers, depalletizers, automated can end and product handling equipment, unwrappers, destrappers, coolers, pasteurizers, controls, change parts and used packaging equipment. 

BW Container Systems has grown through a strategy of both organic product development and targeted acquisitions of industry leading brands. We have aligned our products and service network to provide differentiated technology and support for manufacturing companies in a variety of global market segments. BW Container Systems is proud of its rich and storied past, our focus and processes drive us to be thoughtful, meaningful and deliberate in our approach to solving our customers packaging line challenges. Our business model is built on the foundation of a strong culture. Our culture has been created through teamwork, respect, trust, communication, responsible freedom, and celebration of our 540 plus team members.


Plumtree Farm Industrial Estate
South Yorkshire
DN11 8EW
United Kingdom


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  • Robotic Rotary Case Palletizer

    31 Jul 2017 | BW Container Systems
    Working in a sub-zero freezer environment, the Robotic Rotary Case Palletizers assist Trident with their daily output of 3 million pounds of pollock and cod with the ability to read their 7 SKUs.
  • BW Container Systems Palletizer Case Study

    31 Jul 2017 | BW Container Systems
    Jim Weatherwax takes you on a tour of Oskar Blues and the team talks about their justification for going with automation by putting in a case palletizer.
  • AdaptA Accumulation and Buffering Case Study

    31 Jul 2017 | BW Container Systems
    BW Container Systems AdaptA Accumulation and Buffering case study featuring C.B. Fleet.
  • BW Container Systems Robotics Video

    31 Jul 2017 | BW Container Systems
    BW Container Systems Robotic video showing the solutions that we can provide to your manufacturing lines.
4 Results
  • Continuous pasteurisers
  • Continuous sterilisers
  • Bulk Handling Equipment
  • Cleaning Machines
  • Changeparts - 2 Position
  • Changeparts - Quick Release
  • Changeparts - Standard
  • Equipment And Line Installations/ Relocations
  • Feedscrews
  • Pasteurisation / Sterilisation Equipment
  • Process Integration
  • Robot Systems
  • Not applicable
  • Canning Equipment
  • Accumulation conveyors
  • Accumulation tables
  • Air conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Combining/Converging conveyors (including single line conveyors)
  • Conveyor systems
  • Crate conveyors
  • Dividing conveyors
  • Elevating conveyors
  • Magnetic conveyors
  • Pallet conveyors
  • Pneumatic conveyors
  • Roller conveyors
  • Vertical elevators
  • Vibratory conveyors
  • Cooling Machines
  • Lift-off depalletisers
  • Robot depalletisers
  • Sweep-off depalletisers
  • Dispensers/Feeders/Applicators
  • Layer pad dispensers
  • Pallet magazines
  • Top sheet dispensers
  • End Of Line Bagging Systems
  • Volumetric cup filling machines
  • Volumetric piston filling machines
  • Pallet Stacking Machines
  • Pallet Unwrapping Equipment
  • Pallet Unwrapping Equipment
  • Palletising Machines
  • High level palletisers
  • Lift-off palletisers
  • Low level palletisers
  • Mobile bagging and palletising systems
  • Multi-layer palletisers
  • Robot palletisers
  • Pick And Place Machines
  • Second Hand Equipment
  • Sterilising Machines
  • Clean in place (CIP) systems
  • Complete Turnkey Processing Plant Or Lines
  • Belt, Flat
  • Pneumatic conveyors
  • Elevators
  • Pasteurisers
  • Pasteurisers
  • Process Control Systems
  • Not applicable
  • Not applicable
  • Not applicable
  • Batch pasteurisers
  • Batch sterilisers
  • Container sterilising machines
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Tue, 26 September: 9.30 - 5.00pm

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